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This conference blog features blog entries on Finland, its population, nature, Vierumäki, the Finnish education system, Sports in Finland, how to engage with Finns and other stories and interesting facts to bring Finland closer to the conference participants. Every month until the conference a new blog entry will appear here.

Latest blog entries

Everyman's right, and living off the forest

Finnish forests are teeming with berries and mushrooms for picking and game for hunting. The numerous lakes and rivers are rife with fish. In certain parts of the country it is even possible to live off of these ‘free’ products of the land.

Forest bathing in Vierumäki – Experience nature at its best

Finnish nature at its best. Old, dark and silent forests alternate with lakes of various sizes, swamps, bedrock outcrops and glacial landforms, remnants of a time long past.

Finland has it all...

“Finland, Finland, Finland. The country where I want to be.” is the start to the infamous Monthy Python song featuring quirky observations on some characteristic features of Finland.